Dr Caleb Howard

Caleb is a Research Fellow in Old Testament and Ancient Near East at Tyndale House, Cambridge. He is also an Assyriologist, historian, and biblical scholar, and is currently working on two projects. He isworking on a new edition of the royal inscriptions of the ninth century Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II, within the framework of the Cambridge-LMU Munich Strategic Partnership, and, concurrently, on a monograph about how these inscriptions were composed and their extant manuscripts produced by scribes and artisans.

Caleb’s second project is based at Tyndale House, Cambridge, and focuses on personal names in Levantine sources of the second and first millennia BC. His main published contribution to this project will be a monograph which presents linguistic analyses of the names in the cuneiform tablets from Alalaḫ (southern Turkey), along with their prosopography and a study of naming practices as they relate to history, language, and society.