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Dr Florian Urmetzer

ISMM Executive Director

Florian Urmetzer is Executive Course Director of the ISMM in the department for Engineering and connected to the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA). Florian is interested in the development of tools for service design. In detail, he is looking at the creation and capture of value within complex business ecosystems. 

He is interested in understanding the value exchange, in order to enable them to influence business models, and optimize B2B and B2C processes. Florian’s second research interest is customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining the University of Cambridge, Florian was employed at Accenture in Zürich, Switzerland. He holds a distinction MSc (Network Centred Computing) and a PhD, both from Reading University, School of Systems Engineering. His PhD research was concerned with the development of a Tool and Methods that Enables Usability Evaluations in Real-time Distributed Collaborative Environments. Academically he was a visitor to the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre extreme computing group and the Politecnico di Milano. 

In industry he has worked as well for SAP Research in Switzerland as a Senior Researcher and Project Manager. Here he has led the EU sponsored Research project FAST and was involved in multiple other research projects building innovative enterprise software. Florian has also previously worked for Volkswagen, IBM and Gartner Inc.