Dr John F Mueller

Director of Studies in History

John has an eclectic portfolio career, combining history, heraldry and philanthropy.

As a historian, John specialises in modern German history. His book The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store is due to be published in May 2022 by Bloomsbury. Regius Professor Sir Richard Evans was the supervisor for the PhD on which some of the volume is based. John and his research featured in two television documentaries: a highly-rated German public television documentary and a three-part documentary on the TESCO founder Sir Jack Cohen on Channel 5.

John has worked as a professional fundraiser for the University of Cambridge, including St Edmund’s, and has volunteered for several charitable organisations, such as the Order of St John and organisations of the Church of England.  John is a trustee of the largest independent sheltered housing scheme in London and continues working as a freelance fundraiser.

His heraldic work includes designing new coats of arms, identifying historic ones and hand-producing heraldic stationery, porcelain and other everyday items. John’s clients include royalty, aristocracy and clergy from all over the world.