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Dr Judith Bunbury

Senior Tutor and Teaching Associate Department Earth Sciences

Judith Bunbury is Senior Tutor at St Edmund's and Teaching Associate in Earth Sciences. Her current research takes her to Egypt and Sudan to bore mud in the Nile Valley, kick up dust in the deserts and descend tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  Judith collaborates with a number of archaeological teams in Egypt to deduce ancient environments around sites from the tiny pieces of archaeological evidence contained in the muds and sands of the Nile Valley and deserts. Her work with her students and Angus Graham (Uppsala University) includes a study of the temples of Karnak in collaboration with the Franco-Egyptian Centre (CNRS), Jean Jacquet, Betsy Bryan (Johns Hopkins University) and another of the Memphis and Saqqara area (with David Jeffreys (UCL).  They are also working on projects with Mark Lehner at the Giza Pyramids, Vivian Davies (British Museum) at Edfu and with Neal Spencer (British Museum) at Kom Firin. Her current PhD student, Pedro Goncalves of the Archaeology Department is conducting and in-depth study of the development of landscapes around Memphis. These teams have revealed that the Karnak temples were founded on islands in the Nile and that, since ancient times, the river has moved away from them. Over the 2000 years of development of the Karnak site there were constant modifications to the temple to take account of the movements of the Nile.   The landscapes around Giza and Memphis and of Merimde Beni Salama in the Egyptian Delta have also changed considerably as a result of climate change. 

Her interests also extend to the Kharga Oasis where, under the Directorship of Salima Ikram on the North Kharga Oasis Survey, she has been exploring the effect of climate change on Saharan Lakes. 

Judith is also a member of the MacDonald Research Institute.