Dr Kate Brett

Publisher Academic Group, Cambridge University Press

Dr Katharina Brett is a Publisher in the Academic Group of Cambridge University Press, where she has worked for over twenty-five years. During that time, she has been responsible for commissioning and publishing new books in subjects including literary studies, language and linguistics, and religious studies.  This has involved regular travel to conferences and university campuses in Europe, North America and Australia. Dr Brett is currently developing a new initiative within the Press, the Cambridge Library Collection.  Her academic background is in Modern and Medieval Languages, which she studied at Cambridge, eventually specialising in the literature of medieval France. She was a Junior Research Fellow at St Edmund’s College from 1984 to 1986, and re-joined the Fellowship in 1999. As a Fellow, she is a member of the College’s Governing Body and has served for four years on the College Council. Her College work includes the library, Von Hügel Institute and Dean’s committees. Dr Brett is an accomplished violinist, who plays regularly in a quartet and the City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra. Her recreational interests include gardening, mountain walking and travel.