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Dr Sean Butler

Director of Studies in Law
Dr Sean Butler studied Law at Oxford (St Edmund Hall) and the LSE, London, as well as Genetics at Cambridge (CPGS) before taking his PhD in social science at Imperial College, London. He is a qualified solicitor, and formerly worked in private practice and for Royal Dutch Shell in the UK.
He specialises in intellectual property, particularly in life sciences. His field of research is technology-based start-ups, in particular businesses based on academic research. For many years he has worked for Centres of the CGIAR, a group of research-based ngos supporting smallholder farmers in developing countries. He is also CEO of Cambridge Agritech, a syndicate of investors in agritech startups.  

He teaches Roman Law and Intellectual Property Law, and from October 2017 will teach a course in the Law Faculty on Animal Rights Law. His aim is to bring animal rights into mainstream law so that it becomes a part of law courses generally in the UK, and start to build a corpus of lawyers familiar with it (perhaps passionate about it, too) - which in turn will be one of the foundations for improving the legal status of animals, particularly animals in farming and research.