Dr Zainab Salim

Zainab is a dentist with special interest in Oral Surgery and an Associate Tutor at St Edmund’s. She has worked in various government institutions and private practices in three different continents offering her services in Kenya, Sultanate of Oman and currently in the United Kingdom. She has a Master of Clinical Dentistry in Oral Surgery from the University of Edinburgh.

Her research involved the incidence and possible cause of human papilloma virus infection in laryngeal cancers. She was also involved in training and supervision of dental trainees and postgraduate students in the Oral Surgery department. During her travels, Zainab enjoys giving talks on promotion of oral health to disadvantaged children of low socioeconomic background and provides them with free dental kits.

She has also volunteered her services working with charities providing surgical repairs of cleft lip/palate to underprivileged patients.