Charitable Donations Panel

St Edmund’s College is committed to promoting the growth and development of our students. The Charitable Donations Panel exists to support charitable initiatives led by external organisations or societies that contribute to the College’s overall mission by providing funding to activities that will provide direct benefit to students of the College.

The Charitable Donations Panel, set up in 2023, has already considered and provided funding to initiatives led by University Societies and local Charitable Organisations, to support activities that directly benefit and involve students of St Edmund’s College.

Read our Charitable Donations Policy here: Charitable Donations Policy (Feb 2024)

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Charitable Donations Application Form (2023)

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Candidates wishing to apply for a charitable donation must submit a completed application before the published deadline(s).  All applications must be made to the Secretary of the Charitable Donations Policy, to

Only completed applications, submitted through the official channels will be accepted.