Public Benefit

The College provides, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge, an education for undergraduate and graduate students, which is recognised internationally as being of the highest standard. This education develops students academically and advances their leadership qualities and interpersonal skills, and so prepares them to play full and effective roles in society.

The College admits as students those who have the highest potential for benefiting from the education provided by the College and the University, regardless of their financial, social, religious or ethnic background.  The College provides financial support to its students, through scholarships, awards and prizes to fund fees, living costs and reward academic excellence.

There are no restrictions on entry to the College, other than academic excellence, and the College supports study in all subject areas offered by the University. However, under University Statutes, undergraduates must be 21 or over when they commence their studies at the College.

The College advances research through:

  • Supporting the work of its Research Institute, the Von Hügel Institute
  • Providing Research Fellowships to outstanding academics at the early stages of their careers, which enables them to develop and focus on their research
  • Supporting research work pursued by its other Fellows through promoting interaction across  disciplines, and encouraging visits from outstanding academics from abroad

The College carries forward the tradition, continuous since its foundation, of being a place of spiritual and ethical reflection on the Christian faith and its implications for the individual and society. In particular, the College:

  • Maintains and supports the Chapel as a place of religious worship and holds a variety of religious services, which are open to the general public, as well as members of the College
  • Supports, through the Dean, who is a Roman Catholic priest, the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of all members of the College community, whatever their faith tradition, or none
  • Maintains its historic connection with the Roman Catholic Church