Information for New Students – Accommodation

How to Apply

If you’re eligible and have met all conditions to study on a full-time course at St Edmund’s College, you will be able to book your accommodation online.  Our online accommodation booking portal will be available from May 2022.

Postgraduates: You’ll need to wait at least 24 hours (sometimes longer, unfortunately it is out of our control) after you have firmly accepted before you will be sent an email to register for your online accommodation portal.  Once registered, your accommodation application and confirmation of booking is all done online through your accommodation portal. You will be able to select and book the category of room that you want, from what is still available.

Undergraduates: We will be processing accommodation allocation for new undergraduates in batches once every two weeks. This will ensure that we manage the supply of available rooms. Every two weeks we will release sufficient rooms for those undergraduate students who have met their conditions but have not yet been offered a room. The rooms released will be across the rent categories in the college to ensure that students who, through no fault of their own, do not meet their conditions until later in the summer still have a chance at the most popular categories of room. When you are offered a room, you will have to make your selection from the rooms available at that time, unless you have particular needs relating to a disability which you have discussed with the admissions team in advance. 

Make sure you choose the accommodation that will suit you best by doing some research via our website before you apply. Once a room has been reserved, students will not be able to change their category selection.

There are full instructions about logging in and how to book a room on the email you will be sent and on the online portal. You can start an application and log back in another time to complete it but please be aware that if an application is left for more than 24 hours the category selected may be released and you need to select a category of room again.

Unfortunately, we are not able to show prospective students accommodation in College before they come into residence.

‘Met all conditions’

For undergraduate students: this means that you have:

  • Met any academic conditions stipulated in your offer, and have provided the proof that these have been met if you have applied after receiving your qualifications
  • Met the financial conditions – you have supplied us with a completed Financial Undertaking form
  • Medical/Veterinary students – you have completed your DBS check (or international equivalent)

For graduate students: this means that you have:

  • Met all of the conditions stipulated by the Postgraduate Admissions Office (this includes academic, financial and any language conditions). We must have received confirmation from the Postgraduate Admissions Office of your admission.

Further Information

Applications for St Edmund’s College accommodation can only be accepted if received by online application. The only exception to this would be students applying who have a disability or medical condition, or are looking for family accommodation. In this situation, please get in touch with our Accommodation Office straight away.

If all our accommodation is full, a waiting list of eligible applicants will be established, and any offer of accommodation made will be on the basis of the room that is available when the applicant is at the top of the waiting list.

It is advisable that if you have still not been admitted to the University by the end of August, you start looking at private accommodation. The Cambridge University Accommodation Office has a database of hundreds of properties suitable for students. They are used to helping students find accommodation at short notice.

Students may be required to move to alternative accommodation during holiday periods.