The Booking Procedure for new students


Everyone who is eligible and has met all conditions to study on a full-time course at St Edmund’s College, will be able to book the accommodation online (subject to availability). For the dates when the accommodation booking portal will be available see the annual calendar of events above.

During the booking process, students will be able to select and book the grade, location and room number that they want from the accommodation that is still available. Make sure you choose the accommodation that will suit you best by doing research via our website before you apply. Once a room has been reserved, users will not be able to change the selection.

Instructions about logging in and step-by-step online booking will be emailed once a student is entitled to book accommodation when bookings open following the annual calendar of events above. Users can start an application and log back in another time to complete it but applications left for more than 24 hours will reset.

  • The Booking Procedure for new students:

Undergraduates: We will process accommodation allocation for new undergraduates in batches once every two weeks. This will ensure that we manage the supply of available rooms. Every two weeks we will release sufficient rooms for those undergraduate students who have met their conditions but have not yet been offered a room. As wide a selection of rooms will be offered as is possible and practicable. Everyone who is offered a room, will have to make their selection from the rooms available at that time, unless you have particular needs relating to a disability which you have discussed with the admissions team in advance.

Postgraduates: You’ll need to wait until 1st August and after you have been firmly accepted by PAO before you will be sent an email to register for your online accommodation portal.  Once registered, your accommodation application and confirmation of booking is all done online through the accommodation portal.

  • The booking process for families, couples and specific needs:

Family/couples Accommodation: family and couples accommodation cannot be booked through the online portal straight away due to limited availability, please contact the Accommodation Office directly to book.

Specific Accommodation Needs: medical and disability needs Requests for accommodation that include provision for medical and/or disability needs should be notified to the College as early as possible. Medical or other reports are required, and these can take time to obtain and evaluate.

  • New students: If you have specific accommodation needs related to a disability or medical condition, please contact the Admissions Department (
  • If your financial circumstances have changed substantially since you began your course and you are concerned about your ability to meet your rent commitments, please contact your Tutor.


If you want to learn more about accommodation, please follow the link below to find the Accommodation Handbook:

Accommodation Handbook 2024-25