Our Vision and Values

After extensive consultation across the College in 2022, a strong and coherent set of guiding values and aspirations have been identified. These draw inspiration from our founders who confronted fear and prejudice with purpose, persuasion and pragmatism. They speak of the enduring importance of an open-minded community, of a place in which people can flourish intellectually, physically and spiritually, and of our duty to others, to our world and to our shared futures, local and global. 

From this the Governing Body of the College has agreed: 

Our Vision

Empowering global talent to shape the future.

  • We form global thinkers and leaders who bridge disciplines and cultures to solve humanity’s challenges.
  • St Edmund’s builds a better future by developing, supporting and connecting a community of global talent, within the University of Cambridge, inspired to learn from difference and united in a commitment to improve the future for individuals, societies and the world.

THRIVE Framework

To deliver our vision we need to prepare our members for positive encounter with difference, so they gain the confidence and tools needed to create positive shared futures. 

Recognising that our members also benefit from the wider “Cambridge experience” St Edmund’s has developed a community framework which guides our members’ journey and enables all members of our community to THRIVE – whatever their background.  

  • Trust: we welcome all members as equals and in turn expect members to contribute to the community and take responsibility for their actions. Our members build trust through openness, integrity, and consideration for others.   
  • Higher purpose: we recognise the importance of cultivating mind, body and spirit. Our members are encouraged in a desire to serve beyond the self and to grow in understanding and wisdom.   
  • Resilience: we encourage responsibility towards the self and others and provide support that acknowledges the individual and reflects the needs of a diverse, global community. Our members are helped to develop the mind-set and skill-set to thrive in a rapidly changing world.   
  • Imagination: we are open to new ways of thinking and explore the world both as it is and as it ought to be. Our members are encouraged to move beyond academic specialism or personal identities to imagine new possibilities and innovate for the future.   
  • Voice: we foster productive, vigorous and inclusive discourse, learning to engage and influence across cultures and disciplines. Our members exchange ideas and views, developing the skills and confidence to listen and communicate with impact and respect, including through challenging conversations. 
  • Enjoyment: we want our members to enjoy their time with us; there is space at St Edmund’s for enthusiasm and exploration as well as excellence.