Eddies students launch YouTube channel


Three Eddies students are asking academics to talk to camera about their work in an honest and accessible way.

Rohan Choudhuri (BA Land Economy 2015), Basil Ting (BA HSPS 2015) and Loke Jia Yuan (BA HSPS 2015) often chat to their friends and colleagues about their work over a pint at the pub. One of the great advantages of a place like St Edmund’s is the diversity of fields being studied and researched. Thus, a friendly drink can result in the type of inter-disciplinary exchange that makes the University of Cambridge so special.

The idea of ‘Grabbing A Pint With’ was born and the three began recruiting among their friends to chat in an informal way about their work. The results can be seen on their YouTube channel.

Marta Ferraresso talks about the genius of cancer, her academic idol, and Cambridge as a bubble. She is a third year PhD candidate at the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge.

Ming Wang-Koh tells us about his PhD journey, academia as a numbers game, and the hype about graphene. He is a final year PhD candidate at the Department of Material Science & Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge.

Rohan, Basil and Jia are keen to continue their work and invite academics from all Colleges, disciplines and levels of seniority to join them.