May Bumps 2018 – Day 1: All Eddies Crews unbumped!!


Welcome to the May Bumps, the highlight of the Cambridge rowing calendar. Our 3 magnificent Eddies’ Crews have trained hard throughout the year to a peak of fitness and the bitterly harsh conditions of The Lents now long forgotten. Do come and join us at the river and support our boats as we campaign for Blades and glory.

For those reading who may be less familiar with the inscrutable language that is ‘Boatie Banter’, this handy glossary of terms may be of use!


Results (Weds)


M2 – Bumped Sidney 2 – up 1


W1 – Rowed over


W1 started off strong on Tit Hall II, getting to one whistle during our start sequence and going to two whistles almost immediately after. Unfortunately Tit Hall was also on two whistles with Newnham III and caught them on grassy. It was a crushing way to lose the bump, but we are going with it and turning our attention to Newnham today. Women’s Captain Shaaroni Wong


M1 – Bumped Fitz – up 1


The Eddies M1 was off to a strong start, gaining some ground on Fitz, but Fitz was gaining on Homerton much faster. Coming through ‘the gut’ we had one whistle on Fitz, but Fitz was nearly overlapping Homerton and things were not looking good for Eddies. However, coming through the gut Fitz’s rudder wire snapped, they lost their ground, and we rowed past. After some confusion, the umpire notified us that we had indeed made the bump. Not our favourite way to win a race, and a stroke of bad luck for Fitz, but this is the nature of bumps and we will do our best to run with it! Men’s captain Patrick Short




Thursday’s line up


M2 – chasing Catz 3, pursued by Sidney 2 – Gun 15:15


W1 – chasing Newnham III, pursued by Hughes Hall I – Gun 16:00


M1 – chasing Homerton I, pursued by Fitz I– Gun 18:15


Overall May Bumps position – 4th/32


Pegasus Cup  – 4th/30 (Claire Hall and ARUare ineligible), on ‘8’ points –


Notes and fines and from the Umpires –


Lily Bacon

Fellow Commoner & Boat Club Senior Captain