May Bumps 2018 – Day 2: All Eddies Crews STILL unbumped!!


Another splendid day on the water for all 3 of our crews, well rowed folks!


A noteworthy ‘shout out’ to Magdalene M4 who started The Mays at the bottom of Division 5 (Bottom of the River!) who not only bumped up on Day 1, but yesterday rowed a magnificent QUADRUPLE OVERBUMP – storming up the division by a massive 9 places (10 on the week). That said, it has made the bumps chart look a little untidy





Results (Thursday)

M2 – Bumped Homerton I – up 1 (up 2 on the week)

Starting 100m or so downstream of the A14 bridge, the guys were quickly closing station and had chased down the Homerton Eight by The Ditch. Halfway to Blades and looking good!

W1 – Bumped Newnham III – up 1 (up 1 on the week)

Starting at ‘the overflow pipe’ just upstream from the canons, W1 had a tricky undercurrent to contend with, as well as 30mph gusts of winds driving them sideways across the river. But this was not to be a problem as they stormed to ‘2 whistles’, a quick chase up Short Reach and Newnham were caught before First Post Corner.

M1 – Rowed Over – no change (up 1 on the week)

A long row to the finish for M1. The two boats ahead also rowed over so it may be a question of who has the stamina as the week unfolds.

Friday’s line up

M2 – chasing ARU I , pursued by Catz III – Gun 15:15

W1 – chasing Tit Hall II, pursued by Newnham III  – Gun 16:00

M1 – chasing Homerton I, pursued by Tit Hall I – Gun 18:15

Overall May Bumps position – 3rd/32

Pegasus Cup  – 2nd/30 (Claire Hall and ARU are ineligible), on ‘16’ points –

Notes and fines and from the Umpires –

Lily Bacon
Fellow Commoner & Boat Club Senior Captain