Student on Himalayan Expedition supported by St Ed’s bursary


Haosheng Feng (NatSci, 2015) spent three weeks in the Himalayas with the British Exploring Society this summer.

In total, there were around 60 participants on this expedition. Haosheng was part of a group of 13 members who went to the states of Jammu and Kashmir.

The 21-day trip involved ten days of traveling to get to their base camp at Pensi La where they spent the rest of the 11 days. He participated in several science projects while there, such as meteorology and mapping. Once his Science Leader has given him further instruction, he will write up a report based on the data collected during his stay.

The trip was not just enriching for his studies: ‘The northern part of India was really interesting as I experienced a mix of Tibetan and Islamic culture. We flew to and left from Leh, a town in the Ladakh region which was primarily Tibetan, while our base camp was set up at Pensi La in the Zanskar region which had mostly Islamic influences,’ Haosheng reports.

St Edmund’s was delighted that it could make a small contribution towards the cost of Haosheng’s trip. If you would like to help support students in a similar way find out more here.