Students Break World Rowing Record


A team of four students from St Edmund’s has broken the world record in the male 20-29 small team category of “Longest Continual Row”.

Daniel Kornum, economics and skiing blue, and Glen Chua, NatSci and M1 rower, kicked off the world record attempt at 12:10pm on 14 September. To beat the former record, the team had to row continuously for longer than 25 hours without the erg stopping. After a strong start that laid the foundation for the rest of the attempt, by 11pm (11 hours into the attempt) the duo called for help from another M1 college rower Siddharth Soni. For the next 9 hours, the three worked together to overcome the tiredness that kicks in as a consequence of physical activity and lack of sleep.

At 8am on 15 September Michael Stanton, president of the boat club, joined the attempt and ensured that the other 3 could get a short nap after a night of nonstop rowing. With the hardest part being completed – and Stanton leaving for work – the original 3 continued to row until 2.10pm when the record was successfully broken.

The Eddies’ team rowed continuously for 26 hours – more than 280km – and beat the former record by a small but very important margin of 1 hour.