Dr Christopher Adcock

Bye Fellow

Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine 

Dr Chris Adcock is a Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, as well as Training Programme Director for Acute Internal Medicine higher specialty training in the East of England. He has clinical experience of providing healthcare on aircraft and in austere environments as an NHS and RAF Consultant. He teaches on Preparing for Patients B, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Communication Skills.

Chris is a clinician and educator with a keen focus on effective communication, collaboration, and partnership with patients and learners alike. Chris believes that accessibility and security are fundamental to this; as Training Programme Director he has championed enhanced induction for International Medical Graduates, organised rotations to minimise geographical disruption across the training programme, and supported less than full-time training and professional support and wellbeing initiatives.

His teaching encompasses communication skills, professionalism, clinical reasoning, and simulation for medical emergencies and cardiac arrest. Chris is always happy to talk to students in College about careers in medicine or the health professions, and is pleased to be part of the College tutor team.