Dr Dennis Stock

Visiting Scholar

Dr Dennis Stock is a Visiting Scholar of St. Edmund’s College and a Visitor to the Kavli Institute for Cosmology. He is a cosmologist in the Cosmology Group at the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to Geneva, he completed his PhD in physics at the University of Bremen, Germany, as a member of the DFG Research Training Group ’Models of Gravity’ on the topic ’The Hawking Energy in Cosmology’. He holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and in 2015 matriculated at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, completing a Master of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Part III). His research interests lie in the fields of General Relativity and cosmology,
more specifically the mathematical foundations of cosmological models, the description of inhomogeneities and structure formation in the Universe within General Relativity, connections to large scale structure observations, as well as relativistic effects on observables.