Dr Hannah Holmes


Dr Hannah Holmes is a Research Associate at CCHPR, and Director of Studies in Land Economy at St Edmund’s College. Since joining CCHPR Hannah’s work has spanned several research projects. These include research on urban governance in Smart Cities, which considered stakeholder engagement in Smart City initiatives, the ethics of decision-making in Smart City governance, and the logics which underpin the selection of particular kinds of Smart initiatives in different cities in the UK.

In addition, having developed several interconnected research projects converging around the theme of digital exclusion, she has a strong interest in the relationship between housing inequalities and digital inequalities. Hannah completed her PhD studies at Durham University, where her work focused on marginality and territorial stigma in the regeneration of Middlehaven, Middlesbrough and she has a particular interest in marginal urban economies, urban regeneration and governance.

She is currently undertaking further research on processes of stigmatisation.