Dr Sara Silvestri

Affiliated Lecturer in Department of Politics and International Studies

After studying EU Politics and migration policies at Cambridge and at the ULB, Sara Silvestri became interested in the contested meaning and multifaceted roles of religion in international relations, with particular attention to Islam and the Euro-Mediterranean region. Located at the intersection between IR, Politics, and Sociology, her research publications and teaching are concerned with how religious identities, symbols and political theologies impact global governance; the way faith-based networks, social movements, and secular international institutions relate to each other; and the evolution of public policies responding to the challenges of migration, multiculturalism, Islamism, and terrorism.

Dr Silvestri is based between London, where she holds a Senior lectureship in International Politics at City University, and Cambridge, where she undertook her PhD (at St John’s College) and ESRC Post-Doc. In Cambridge she is currently Director of Studies in HSPS at St Edmund’s College and a Research Associate with the Von Hügel Institute. In the past she held visiting positions at the Cambridge Muslim College and the University of Bristol, and a Marie Curie Fellowship in Paris.