Professor Koichi Hosoi

Visiting Scholar

Visiting Professor of Materials Joining Process 

Professor Hosoi completed his PhD in 2017 at Osaka University on all-position weldability of flux-cored wires and toughness of weld metals. Since 2018, he has been a Visiting Professor at Osaka University, and a Principal Senior Researcher at AIRI which is a consulting agency of the Japan Patent Office.  

In 2022 Professor Hosoi he also become a Pastor at the Chigasaki Tsutsumi Church, United Church of Christ in Japan. 

Prior to that, he was an engineer at Kobe Steel, a major Japanese steelmaker, where he spent more than 30 years researching and developing steel materials and welding processes. Among them, he succeeded in developing and inventing the world’s first flux-cored wire that does not deteriorate in toughness even post heat treatment after welding. This is still attracting attention from around the world as a technology that dramatically improves productivity in manufacturing large-scale energy plants such as offshore structures and reactor vessels. 

He has overseen the overall planning of Kobe Steel’s welding technology research and development, served as a committee member and chair of various academic societies and received numerous awards from the Japan Welding Society and the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. 

More recently, he has lectured and published on topics related to manufacturing from the perspectives of the global environment, metal processing, and intellectual property.