The College is owned and governed by the Master and the Fellows. The Governing Body consists of the Master and Title A-D Fellows of the College and has responsibility for the government of the College as a place of education, religion, learning and research. It meets at least once in each Full Term.

The Council consists of the Master, eleven Fellows and two resident Junior members of the College. It meets several times in each Full Term.


Master of St Edmund's College


Clinical Scientist in the Department of Medicine
Professor in Strategy, Judge Business School
Director of Studies in Medicine. Clinical Lecturer in Hepatology.
CEO & Director, National Institute Of Agricultural Botany
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Department of Pathology
Publisher Academic Group, Cambridge University Press
Fellow in Law and Anthropology
Senior Tutor and Teaching Associate Department Earth Sciences
Acting Director, Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Reader in Molecular and Cellular Dynamics, Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Director of Studies in Law
Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology and Diabetes, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Fellow in Accounting, Judge Business School
Careers Tutor and Tutor
Professor of Medicine and Head of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London; Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge
Principal Engineer at Emberion Ltd (currently on sabbatical leave)
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge
Tutor, University Pathologist
Barrister, Supervisor in Constitutional Law at Faculty of Law, Cambridge
Fellow, Tutor, Graduate Admissions Tutor, formerly Librarian in the Faculty of Divinity
Research Associate, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Professor of Geoarchaeology and Director of the McBurney Geoarchaeology Laboratory in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge
Director of Studies in History of Art, Tutor, Affiliated Lecturer Department of History of Art
Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Rheumatology
Director of Studies in English, Deputy Senior Tutor, Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Affiliated Lecturer Faculty of English
Development Director
Henslow Fellow
Henslow Research Fellow, Fellows' Steward, Senior Treasurer of the College Boat Club
Research Associate, High Energy Physics Group, Cavendish Laboratory and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
Fellow, Computer Laboratory; Chair, Cambridge Network
Research Fellow
Individual Merit Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey and Honorary Professor at the University of Sheffield
Dyson Professor of Fluid Mechanics
Tutor, Rooms Tutor, Reader in Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Graduate Admissions Tutor
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences
Founder Director, The Woolf Institute
Tutor, Director of Studies (Natural Sciences - Biological)
Research Associate, Automated Reasoning Group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
Research Associate, Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Tutor, St Edmund's College
Leverhulme Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy
Course Director for the Construction Engineering Masters programme
Executive Director of the Real Estate Research Centre in the Department of Land Economy
Research Fellow, Research Scientist, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory
Vice-Master of St Edmund's College, Director of the Von Hügel Institute, Departmental Lecturer in Modern Theology in the University of Oxford, and Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity in Cambridge
University Physician (Farm Animal Clinical Team Leader), Department of Veterinary Medicine
Individual Merit Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey
Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Tutor, Financial Tutor
Keeper of Manuscripts and University Archives, Cambridge University Library, Fellow Archivist of St Edmund's College
DBT-India Cambridge Lecturer, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
University Lecturer in the Department of Medical Genetics
Post Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences
Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Physics
Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, India
University Lecturer (Honorary Consultant) in Palliative and End of Life Care
University Lecturer, Faculty of Education
Director, Mphil Programmes in Criminology and Criminology Research
Postdoctoral Researcher, Optoelectronics Group, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics
Professor of Regenerative Medicine
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Research Associate and Research Fellow
Director of The Faraday Institute and Professor of Geophysics
Chief Operating Officer, University Development and Alumni Relations
Clinical Dean in the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Lecturer in Genomics and Structural Biology
Senior Lecturer at the Judge Business School

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion and Molecular Biologist
Professorial Fellow in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, Emeritus Director of the VHI and Emeritus Professor at UEA
Former Assistant Director of Research
Professor in Engineering for Sustainable Development, Department of Engineering
Emeritus Professor of Radio Astronomy
Emeritus Fellow
Emeritus University Physician in Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Former Senior Tutor
Former Deputy Director of Cambridge Enterprise
FAcSS, Emeritus Director of the Von Hügel Institute; Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford; Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University.
Acting Dean, Second Bursar & Praelector
Emeritus Fellow and former Director of the VHI
Emeritus Fellow
Former Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Faith in Society
Emeritus Fellow and former Senior Tutor
Emeritus Fellow and former Dean of Chapel, Admissions Tutor and Praelector
Former Consultant Radiologist and Associate Lecturer in Clinical Medicine

Life Fellows

Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience and formerly Vice-Master
Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education
Former Vice-Master of St Edmund's College, Dean of the Veterinary School
Reader in Solar Physics at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Life Fellow at St Edmund's College and College Fellow, Department History and Philosophy of Science

Honorary Fellows

Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia
Former President, US National Academy of Sciences
Former Visiting Fellow at St Edmund's and former Vice President of the European Commission
Former Speaker of the House of Commons
Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge
Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge
Former Vice-Chancellor, University of East Anglia
Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist
Former Master of St Edmund's College
Professor of Molecular Membrane Biology, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Former Master or St Edmund's College
Former President of Ireland
Former Director, Wellcome Trust
Former President of Queens' College
Former Director of the Science Museum, London
Former Bishop of Ely
Former Master of Trinity College Cambridge
Archbishop of Southwark
Former British Representative to the United Nations

Bye Fellows

Director of Studies, HPS
Consultant Anaesthetist, West Suffolk Hospital and Clinical Tutor, Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine
Scientific Advisor at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge
Senior Scientist, General Electric Healthcare, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Senior Research Associate in Department of Medicine
Infectious Diseases Consultant, Cambridge University hospitals and CDF in the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge
Director of Studies, PBS
Research Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Director of Studies, Philosophy
Senior Post Doctoral Research Associate
Tutor for the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine
Affiliated Lecturer in Department of Politics and International Studies
Senior Scientist, Schlumberger Gould Research
Senior Faculty in Management Practice, Director of the Master of Studies in Social Innovation Programme, Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation
ISMM Executive Director
Director of Research, Woolf Institute
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Research Associate, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence


Former Acting Bursar at St Edmund's College
Executive Vice-President of RealVNC, Senior Captain of St Edmund’s College Boat Club
Formerly: Acting Dean, St Edmund’s College; Professor in Early Christian History and Iconography, King's College, London; Professore Invitato, Augustinianum, Lateran University, Rome; Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, Uni. Cambridge.
Retired Academic
Fellow Commoner
Research Associate Faraday Institute
Fellow Commoner
Leader in Residence, Fellow in Management Practice, University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Chairman of The Stephen Hawking Foundation
Former Chair of the St Edmund's Alumni Society

Former Fellows

Former Toby Jackman Newton Trust Research Fellow
Former Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics, Director of Studies in Classics, Fellow member of the Tutorial Committee
Former KPMG Professor of Management Studies, Judge Business School
Former Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy
Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB)
University Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)/Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute/Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Former Senior Lecturer, Department of Land Economy. Senior Associate of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Former Postdoctoral Research Associate, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge.
Former Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science and Technology
Former Research Scientist, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge